managing the energy drain

August – Managing the Energy Drain

Welcome to August’s edition We’re back with more from the Hygge Hut to challenge your thinking and disrupt your status quo. This month we look into the possible causes of our energy drain.We want to assess where we are putting all our energy and whether it is in fact focused on our vision. Are you … Read more

Mastering Self-Leadership and Recovery Time

June – Mastering Self-Leadership and Recovery Time

Welcome to June’s edition We are at the peak of 2023Summer Solstice is gone and we head towards Autumn. Boost Your Business Success: Mastering Self-Leadership and Recovery Time.The power of self-leadership and efficient recovery time in achieving business success is where we are off exploring this month.Business Leadership can offer up rough terrain, so its … Read more

Business is Simple

May – Business is Simple

Welcome to May’s editionIs anyone else horrified that in just a few days, we will be halfway through 2023 already? “The only journey is the onewithin” is a quote by RainerMaria Rilke – German poet. Stay with me on this one because I can almost see your eyes rolling as I write the quote! Let’s … Read more


February – All about STRESS this month

Welcome to February’s edition and we are all about STRESS this month. “The objective of being human is to grow“. Brianna Wiest. If we turn to nature as our inspiration, the one thing which requires no handbook or guide lines to survive. It thrives through evolving and adapting to its environment. It’s those species that … Read more

January – Has this been the most challenging month?

January is often seen as the darkest and dreariest month of the year.Which I think is strange when you realise that in January you notice the first signs winter is breaking and spring is on the horizon. Evenings are lifting and nature is seriously pushing through.I conducted a poll on Facebook about the challenges being … Read more

Liz Smith The Guru Co

December – Name the dampener on your year?

I always think of December as a bit like one of those fancy complex cocktails. On one hand, December is full of anticipation for Christmas festivities, but alongside this is the foreboding of running out of time to hit those targets.Then you have the excitement of new plans and the promise of the new year … Read more

August – Opening Question

Who’s trail are you blazing? The Hygge Huts doors have been permanently open for over 18 months now and my, how times have moved on. When you think of why you do what you do every day or how you do what you do every day what percentage of it is actually aligned to your … Read more

July Business Musings

July – Resisting Success

The Hygge Huts doors have been permanently open in this heat and always welcoming in, new thought leaders. Resisting Success Sounds like a strange suggestion that any of us could possibly be resisting success but in fact we are. Not only that but it’s also a choice. There are very few people I have met … Read more

life lessons

June – So here we go…

Have you met with your own self-imposed levels of success? I have met with a couple of business leaders this month who are determined to tell me how its going to be a ‘challenging year’ for business. There is a certain reluctance to change anything. Had they been my clients, I would tell them openly … Read more

willing to make mistakes

May – Are you willing to make mistakes?

This is possibly the most important question you could ever answer in life let alone business. Willingness comes before confidence and wayyyyy before skill. When you think back, how many occasions you have said “I would if I could”, “I would love to but… maybe another time” That opportunity & gift that’s just been offered … Read more