May – Business is Simple

Welcome to May’s edition
Is anyone else horrified that in just a few days, we will be halfway through 2023 already?

“The only journey is the one
within” is a quote by Rainer
Maria Rilke – German poet.

Stay with me on this one because I can almost see your eyes rolling as I write the quote!

Let’s start then with a pretty bold statement to get those synapses firing up.


How is that for bold and brassy?
When you think of all the efforts you’ve put in already, into building, crafting, and delivering your business, has it been simple? Business is simple, but it’s being in
business that is less simple. Could you write down a clear process/strategy to build a mirror business? I bet you could. Being in business is the human element of
the process. Now that is where simplicity can often end. That’s you being the Business leader.

You wouldn’t be alone, as a business leader if one or more of these resonated with you.

  • You endlessly seek more knowledge to make yourself better at what you do.
  • You run out of time to get everything you want done, and then some more?
  • You’ve paid for help, joined groups and but still nothing’s changed?
  • You’ve invested in training and certificates but do nothing with them?
  • You attend numerous webinars and seminars and feel energised and inspired to
  • get ahead of the competition…until the next morning.
  • Even though you know it’s not there… you would love to discover a magic formula
  • for stressless success?

Here’s the reality checker!

Would it surprise you to know that even those who, to the outside world look like they’ve got this cracked and make it look easy, still find themselves questioning what they are doing wrong and whether have they got what it takes to keep it all going? Self-doubt still crops up for them at 3 am, you know. So, if business is simple but being in business I think we can agree is less simple, what makes this so?

This is how I see it.


The answers are NOT external … That’s what

Now look, for you to have left the relative security of PAYE, Corporate, or the positions of follower & junior ranks, you made a courageous decision and took fearless action to make it happen. This was an inside job. There was something that stirred deep inside you that shifted. It said, ‘just do it’ and you did. That is what can happen when it happens from the inside out. When you don’t stop to doubt yourself. So what inner work do you need to do, so you can keep repeating such inspired action in the second half of 2023?

Feel the fear and do it anyway is a fool’s game and just plain painful. It does not help you grow, if anything it can be soul-destroying and probably unrepeatable because you’ve not built the bridge between where you are now and who you need to become to get to the other side. Let me ask you to just think about the past 5 months.

How have you grown as a business owner and leader?
What do you know now that you didn’t know in January?
Who do you need to become today to bring the dream home?


Just because you understand what you need to do and how to do it, doesn’t mean you feel or believe you can deliver and execute in the exact same way. This is the in-business part. If success was just about copying each other, business wouldn’t just be simple it would be child’s play.

There are step-by-step business books by the thousands.
5 Easy Steps to;

  • learn public speaking,
  • acting,
  • singing,
  • selling,
  • writing

Even how to build a website and use Google…but do we do anything with that knowledge. In all honesty…probably not. But WHY?

It’s a bit like borrowing someone else’s shoes. However nice they are, they don’t belong to you and somehow subconsciously you never forget that. Or if you’ve ever hired a suit for an occasion, you never quite relax in case you spill something or damage it. I remember having ‘acting up’ roles in the NHS. I never felt I could change strategies or influence decisions because the role wasn’t mine. I would attend meeting feeling, almost sheepish and needing to ask permission.

Every time I got promoted, it would take a real process of personal growth for me to feel truly fearless. I remember going to buy a car and saying to my husband and salesperson “I feel like the car is driving me” I didn’t feel in control. I couldn’t see properly, there were blind spots everywhere. It felt huge being behind the wheel and overwhelming. When you are successful in your business and have not done the inner work, it can often feel that you’ve created a beast that doesn’t belong to you.

Being IN business is not simple!

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The more aware you are and the more intentional you are about who you need to become will totally change the trajectory of your success and happiness in life.

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