January – Has this been the most challenging month?

January is often seen as the darkest and dreariest month of the year.
Which I think is strange when you realise that in January you notice the first signs winter is breaking and spring is on the horizon. Evenings are lifting and nature is seriously pushing through.
I conducted a poll on Facebook about the challenges being faced by my followers.
At the time of writing this ‘Overwhelm’ was by far the most prominent emotion being experienced.
These results have mirrored what I was picking up from clients and from conversations within my Networks.
What is it we are told that ‘
Winter is the season to plant what you wish to harvest later in the season
Below are the 3 areas my clients and I have been focusing on, so as not to waste this very important season.

  • Clarity – if you missed the latest ebook ‘KPI’s that really connect‘ consider downloading it now. When you are really clear on what matters and to whom, the inconsequential starts to fall away. Natural wastage!
  • Boundaries – When you have the clarity you start to develop a new sense of courage to set your boundaries. It’s a strange phenomenon but you subconsciously allow people to treat you the way they do.
  • Grounding – Being in business and leadership often means you spend a large proportion of your life on your own and inside of your own head. The answers we speak and the freedom from overwhelm exist externally. Stepping outside of your head can return you to a calm default position. Try it.

Self leadership is a powerful skill

Reduce your stress in minutes.


Stepping out of your head.

Wherever you are sitting do the following exercise

Choose 5 different thing you can see (without turning you head)

Become aware of 4 things you can feel without physically moving

What are 3 things you can hear

2 things you can smell

1 thing you can taste

Let me know how you find the exercise.