August – Opening Question

Who’s trail are you blazing?

The Hygge Huts doors have been permanently open for over 18 months now and my, how times have moved on. When you think of why you do what you do every day or how you do what you do every day what percentage of it is actually aligned to your mission? your dreams, your ambitions.

trappings of the business leaders

Trappings of the business leaders.

I have given this some considerable attention this month, following numerous conversations I’ve had with folk describing or alluding to feeling trapped.

Trapped by their success (small s as one client described it). Feeling a fraud because on the surface the world sees everything as looking great. Great house, fab holidays, new car, stressless lifestyle. However, they described feeling so underwhelmed by it all.

I even had a client say “sometimes your dreams are best left as fantasy because you wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone” 

working with borrowed vision

Working with borrowed vision

The toughest part I think for anyone in life is knowing how to recognise what are your dreams and visions and which are ones you’ve been given.

Think about it. 

When you start out in business you are encouraged to describe your WHY. Which is great but it is often about other people and not you.

  • I want to prove to everyone I could do it
  • I want people to be proud of me.
  • I want to carry on the family tradition and business

But where are you in this plan?

Are you there

Are you there?

Don’t get lost in your efforts to deliver the goods. 

  • What does it all mean to you?
  • What do you want to be known for? Not the partner of, the wife of, the husband of. But you?
  • What are your dream, vision, and mission really look and feel like to you?

What would you like to open your eyes up to every day? 

Mirror gazing.

Go to your dressing table or the bathroom. Somewhere where there is a mirror and privacy and look into the mirror.

Focus deeply on your eyes. These eyes which have changed the least over the years have seen everything including your growth. They looked at life with intrigue and excitement when you were young.

They have seen sadness, beauty, fear, and love.

They have seen success and loss.

Who do you see looking back at you?

Using adjectives only, describe what you see. 

Deep work

When you do the deep work on yourself, is when you start to leave a distinct mark on the trail you blaze.