December – Name the dampener on your year?

I always think of December as a bit like one of those fancy complex cocktails.

Liz Smith The Guru Co

On one hand, December is full of anticipation for Christmas festivities, but alongside this is the foreboding of running out of time to hit those targets.
Then you have the excitement of new plans and the promise of the new year mixed with then the tang of regret for those things you never quite got around to.
Consider this analogy of what all of this is doing in your mind. Think of a glass of muddy water. If you keep stirring, it remains muddy. Allow it to settle and the water comes clear.
And that is our aim for this month’s edition.

Name the dampener on your year?

This is something that with a little stirring up may make some sense to you. And go someway to giving you so much clarity for your 2023 plans.
We all know about Key Performance Indicators. Those targets we set for ourselves, that, aid how we measure our success or failures.
These so-called markers (a bit like the new years resolutions) are often plucked out of the air. And they are ALWAYS high targets than the year before. But how about after you have looked at those you set for yourself in 2022 ask how many of them would fall under the following headings.



To keep is to retain.
Retention of customers, clients, and colleagues is more valuable to us than finding new ones. How did your plans last you nurture this? How did your plans align with retention?
Who do you see in your vision?



This is not a solo life we lead. We have families. We have teams. We have customers and clients.
How did your goals invest in those important people around you?
How much balance did your goals bring to you and those around you?
Retention of those who are important to us in keeping our vision alive.



What opportunities did your goals open up for you?
Did your goals stretch you and those in your team?
Did your goals communicate your vision effectively?
Did you have the courage to share those goals publicly?

When the silt settles

Draw a line under 2022.
Take a fresh and simple look at your plans and vision for 2023 and for each of your ambition ask yourself…
How will this keep or retain those things and beings that are important to me, in my world?
Who will this impact or what is the wider consequence…
Every decision must increase choices, like a domino effect.

Safe celebrations so we see each other in 2023
Thank you for being with me throughout 2022