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The greatest honour you could ever award to me, is to invite me to speak to your audience. Being intrusted with the opportunity to address you or your audience is a privilege I hold in the highest regard. It’s a testament to the shared belief in the power of communication, inspiration, and the exchange of ideas for personal growth.

If you are planning an event and looking to add that extra value to your audience, maybe I could be of service to you?

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DISRUPT Norwich Event – International Women’s Day

Episode: THE GURU CODE – Embrace the fear

I had the greatest honour to be invited to speak at the Disrupt Norwich Event for International Women’s Day 2024. It was a 5 minute lightening spot. 20 slides 15 seconds a slide, in total 5 minute format.

I was asked to cover the ‘Power of Networking & getting yourself out there’  My takeaway for the audience was a 4 Step Strategy to Speaking to Strangers.

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Disrupt talk 2024

Guest speaker for the amazing Heather Barrie and her Podcast Effective Entrepreneurs


I chat with Heather all about what happens when we get derailed from the actions that we need to be taking to achieve our goals…And how we cope and adjust when this happens.

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