May – Are you willing to make mistakes?

willing to make mistakes

This is possibly the most important question you could ever answer in life let alone business.

Willingness comes before confidence and wayyyyy before skill.

When you think back, how many occasions you have said “I would if I could”, “I would love to but… maybe another time” That opportunity & gift that’s just been offered will NEVER show up again for you.

false evidence

False Evidence Appearing Real

I sat talking to a young woman of about 30 / 35 years old in a foyer of a hotel, just this week. We got onto the topic of failure and her fear of failing. I asked her ‘but are you willing to make mistakes?’ What do you think her answer was? It was ‘yes’?

So, when does a mistake become, FAILURE?

Would this analogy help?

If we think about life, business, relationships as similar to completing jigsaws. No matter how complex or simple, even when you have the box lid you still offer pieces up to another, not knowing with certainty they belong.

But because the colour looks similar, and the shape looks like it would fit together. When it doesn’t you put that piece to one side, and it sits until you are ready to try it somewhere else.  

You would never not go back and try it again, would you? because you know you need it and at the right point it will fit somewhere and will complete the final picture.

mystery of our discontent

The mystery of our discontent is often in history.

Sometimes those ‘mistakes’ have taken a long time to emerge. It’s as if the realisation has been showing up by flattening your motivation. Taking the spark out of your vision. Niggling away like nagging voice say ‘really, let’s not do this today’.

It’s at this point you find yourself plateaued, hitting the glass ceiling. Of course, it takes serious courage to acknowledge it. It might be that these mistakes began with the greatest of intentions and down to making others happy or proud. Your decision to make different mistakes will impact of others but this cannot be at your expense.

You think you may have gone too far down the wrong road or backed the wrong horse and it’s easier to stay working with the devil you know? You may feel you ‘can make it work’ and talk yourself round, that’s just the cherry on the top of the original mistake cake.

new mistakes

New mistakes are the missing jigsaw pieces that you need to complete your picture you just need to be willing.