August – Managing the Energy Drain

Welcome to August’s edition

We’re back with more from the Hygge Hut to challenge your thinking and disrupt your status quo.

This month we look into the possible causes of our energy drain.
We want to assess where we are putting all our energy and whether it is in fact focused on our vision.

Are you being drained in your business?

It’s a cutting question, isn’t it?
Have you felt like you’re walking through mud recently. If you have you aren’t on your own. Several people have said they’ve felt ‘meh’ this month.
No matter how in love you are with your business it doesn’t mean you have immunity to having the soul sucked from you. It’s how it feels sometimes.
You roll over in bed and even that feels like a mission in itself, despite the stunning sunrise.

managing the energy drain

You cant hide from this.

The fatigue… is real and it’s a level above tired. You will know what I mean if you’ve been there.
I would even go as far as saying the more in love and infatuated and committed you are to your business the more likely you are to recognise the above.

It is a fact that you will be one of many, who have found yourself questioning if the grass is in truth greener elsewhere or if it is you that’s the issue.

You even have a wee gander over the wall…consider the consequences of what if…
…I walked away.
…made XYZ excuse.

It can all make perfect sense at 3 a.m., can’t it?

So, what is part of the solution? How do you manage your energy
levels more effectively?

Lets talk about those elephants! They get everywhere.

Well, there are two big elephants in the room that we need to address first. There are 2 potential high-risk factors that can be missed in our quest for business success.

  • Your outcomes are partly dependent on others, their performance, and their agreement. Or other elements that are outside of your control such as interest rates. (Check that one asap)
  • You don’t have a clear plan or strategy to reach your goal (this may even start building itself if you get the top one right).

Set some time aside to work on those first 2 bull elephants!

If you are coming to the Business Owners Master Mind Boot Camp, there would be the most amazing time to get the clarity you need to start managing that energy of yours.

Is it time you had someone to share some of this with? Lets have a call.

The other suggestion again will require you to create the right environment to get the headspace you need will support you in re-energising yourself.

What we need is to develop a strategy of stronger self-leadership. It means everything else in your business becomes easier.

You may have heard of The Wheel of Life. Do not turn away just yet. This can be powerful depending on your ability to be open.

You see in life there is always a Ying and Yang, Zappers and Zesters, Light to Shadow, etc.

You can download your blank copy of your strategy template from my website to complete it in your own time. It’s an incredible tool by which you can hold yourself accountable and figure out where your efforts need to be focused so you don’t lose traction.

It has full instructions on how to complete it and use it for powerful results.

You can work on this at The Business Owners Master Mind Retreat

Thank you so much for joining me this month.
Good luck and as always if you need help book a 30-minute call or drop me a message and we can go through the barriers together.