Natural leadershp

What is Natural Leadership

Leading with natural leadership. When you lead with Natural Leadership you will discover a whole new world of influence. This topic has been burning away in my subconscious for weeks now. And I won’t lie to you, it could even be months since I was asked…“What do you mean when you say, Natural leader” Liz? … Read more

Empty Victories

Empty Victories

Empty victories are those times when you battled hard to solve, resolve or achieve something that in the end really doesn’t deliver on its promise. How many times are you prepared to flog yourself to achieve an outcome, only to discover that at the final hurdle you are the only one remaining? This blog has … Read more

Exercise your mind

Yes! exercise your mind too!

Exercise your mind if you want it to give you that edge in business. There’s been a tremendous emphasis on the need to get out and about. We have all been encouraged to take regular physical exercise because of the benefits to our immune system and then there are the benefits for your mental health … Read more

I'm Coming Out

I’m Coming Out

I’m coming out and so are you. Having a healthy mindset is the key to business success. How strong, resilient and prepared you are for 2021 is the topic for this discussion. So much has happened over the past 18 months, hasn’t it. Our lives have been changed forever. We as leaders in business must … Read more

Coaching Leaders Mindset

A Mind Tuned for Business.

Coaching Leaders Mindset. If you want something different … change that question! Everything starts with a thought and what better way to change your mindset than changing the language of the question. So here we go … How frustrating are you? No, it’s not a typo! It is not how frustrated are you! The latter … Read more