I’m Coming Out

I’m coming out and so are you.

Having a healthy mindset is the key to business success.

How strong, resilient and prepared you are for 2021 is the topic for this discussion.

So much has happened over the past 18 months, hasn’t it. Our lives have been changed forever. We as leaders in business must recognise this. It is impossible to have lived untouched as a society, without being affected, financially, emotionally or physically in some way. Only this morning a business owner wrote of his relief to see the clouds and restrictions lift on social media. Unfortunately, he then wrote at length of how much he had lost and would never recoup. He is not alone either. The business owner’s negative musings were followed briskly by that of a female business owner. She waxed lyrical about her ‘shame of the weight’ she had amassed over the period. The language she used to describe her perceptions of the ‘new’ body shape were damaging.

How will you prepare?

Whilst everyone madly gathers themselves, dusting down their offerings and braces themselves for yet another launch, how many of you are taking any notice of your most valuable business asset? Your mindset.

We are very ready to describe the anxieties surrounding the future of business. We even describe the feelings of stress we experience surviving in business. Are you willing to recognise what you are experiencing is being fuelled by our thinking patterns. Your brain is the greatest pattern matcher and as such, relies on the information you have stored away from past experiences to make sense of your reality. Your mindset feeds directly from this, so if you are feeding your mindset from the negative feeding trough you will be making this hard for yourself.

One of my regular go to saying, “you can’t shake hands with a clenched fist” is absolutely on point to describe a persons approach to a difficult situation. If you go in prepared and expecting there to be battle and an uphill struggle you are sure to find it so. The saddest part is that it really doe not have to be as hard as we make it. Leadership and business is lonely enough as it is without being at odds with ourselves.

If you are serious about getting a strong head start for 2021 and beyond download this specially crafted book to help you examine the health of your mindset.

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