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6-Month Self-Leadership Coaching
For those who want real traction and clarity on their visions and goals.

6-Month Self-Leadership Coaching

Understanding Your Code

The 6 month Coaching Programme follows the same methodology but because of the luxury of time you cover so much more of what’s involved with Self-Leadership and self discovery.

Attain deeper clarity about your vision.

Uncover and overcome your blind spots.

Discover what truly motivates by working on your values.

Gain a greater awareness of your impact on business and what’s around you.

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Who are the ideal clients?

This exclusive 6-month coaching package is ideal for those hungry for real momentum and precision in their visions and goals.

Those who are passionately committed to unlocking their full potential by unleashing their inherent leadership capabilities.

If you’re harbouring an incredibly audacious goal and refuse to downsize its importance but find yourself grappling with self-worth, or if you’ve lost the courage and zest to press on, then this programme is crafted just for you.

Perhaps you’re standing at a crossroads, procrastinating over decisions, even the seemingly straightforward ones.

What to Expect in the Next 6 Months

During your coaching sessions, we’ll unearth the obstacles holding you back – those deep-seated fears and paradigms so habitual that their grip often goes unnoticed.

Fearlessly, we’ll dismantle these barriers, paving the way for a clear vision of where you want to go and the person you must become to turn it into reality.

It’s a potent process, and we’ll work fearlessly to get there. Together, we’ll restore perspective, reshuffle and prioritise, allowing you to craft clear, compelling visions and devise an exhilarating plan with goals that demand action.

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Coaching Sessions and Mentoring

Mastering your natural leadership qualities empowers you to lead yourself, your businesses, and others with seamless ease.

Over these intensive 6 months will reconnect you with what truly matters, concentrating your success.

Your decision

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to ensure this aligns with your goals.

Come prepared with the questions you need answering to make an informed decision.

What Will I Bring to the Party?

A comprehensive understanding of human thinking. Fearless curiosity to comprehend and address the root of a problem. A passion to transform the lives of those in leadership positions.

Your Investment

Your commit to yourself to protecting and schedule time in your calendar for our meetings. 

Implement all agreed-upon changes.

Arrive prepared with your outcomes and results for discussion.

The financial investment for this exclusive programme is £2450.00 paid in full. (Payment options can be discussed)

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