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12-Month Self-Leadership Coaching
Self-leadership is at the heart of every successful business.

The GURU CODE 12-Month Self-Leadership Coaching service:

Is this the right fit for you?  

Do you want to have sustained progress?

Is sustained growth important to you and your business?

In the often-solitary paths of business and leadership, self-leadership is paramount. As a leader, you carry the weight of countless expectations – from people to staff, customers, suppliers, and family – all looking to you for guidance.

Stay Focused and On Track  

Reduce Isolation

Confidential Sounding Board

Master Stress and Overwhelm

Stay Motivated

Push Your Limits

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The Challenge of Leadership:

It’s not easy to motivate yourself to undertake the necessary steps for personal and business growth. In the cold light of day, successful leadership begins with leading oneself.

Burnout, work-related stress, and overwhelm are genuine threats, especially for high achievers and leaders is all very real. These experiences do not happen in a short space of time. They creep up on you, which is why this option exists.

Your mental and emotional resilience depends on having a good strategy for releasing the pressure and disposing of unwanted pressure.

An accountability partner becomes essential to share the load, preventing these emotional experiences from taking hold.

What can you Expect?

You can expect to have the cycle of repetitive thinking challenged.

You can expect to be challenges on pushing those boundaries of the comfort zone.

We will create and explore new strategies and thinking to keep you inspired and motivated.

Space and time to explore your thoughts and visions in complete confidentiality.

You won’t always need answers handed to you; sometimes, choices or alternatives are necessary to craft your solutions. Having someone in your corner, invested in your success, can make victories even sweeter.

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What Will I Bring to the Party?

The Challenge: I’ll challenge your perspectives and thinking.

Other Viewpoints: Offering alternative views for a broader perspective.

Reminders: Keeping you aligned with your initial goals.

Mirror Reflection: Showing you the mirror when needed.

Grounding Support: Providing stability when life throws curveballs.

Confidential Drop-off: A safe space to offload and discuss challenges.

This is my favourite service because we get to really understand your business and you in the way that only the gift of time allows.

I’ll bring ease back into leading.

Your Investment

Your commit to yourself to protecting and schedule time in your calendar for our meetings. 

Implement all agreed-upon changes.

Arrive prepared with your outcomes and results for discussion.

The financial investment for this exclusive programme is £3300.00 paid in full. (Payment options can be discussed)

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