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Crack your code. Lead yourself.


The Guru Code is a methodology specifically developed by Liz (your coach) to lead you to cultivate the skills of self-leadership.

Cracking the code to self-leadership simultaneously contributes to the success of how you view and understand yourself and the success of your business and its longevity.

Self-leadership entails being able to manage your emotions and responses in a way that directs you toward the outcome you are striving for without being distracted. It delivers a true clarity of who you are and where you want to go, resulting in you being the cause of your life and not at the mercy of the effect.

Be that business owner with a high self-concept and self-awareness you will likely mitigate from overwhelm, high anxiety, imposter syndrome, and burn-out. Instead embrace the confidence, enthusiasm, self-motivation it takes to exhibit extraordinary personal performance. Your exploration to becoming a self-aware and empowered business owner begins right here.


“My powers are ordinary. Only my application brings me success” Isaac Newton

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Cultivate Self-Leadership For Your Success

You are as individual and as unique as your fingerprint, so cracking your code to successful self-leadership will bring transformational results. Both as a business owner and in your personal life.

The methodology and tools we will use in The Guru Code will make a significant contribution to your business and life.


Crafting a strong self-concept brings a new level of the clarity that is required for your business’s compass.

It influences how you relate and interact with others (and self) which is vital in today’s world of Networking.

It influences your response to changing situations, and we know how rapidly change occurs.


You will have a refreshing perception of yourself and your abilities which leads to less procrastination and more action.

Research suggests, a positive self-concept is linked to improved mental health associated with anxieties.

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Mental strength is your most valuable business and personal asset.

It is the results of having the other two, self-awareness and self-concept nailed.

You become deliberate in your thinking and thereby make better decisions. Great leaders have a willingness to make bold moves.


You have the reserves when push comes to shove. Enabling you to make the bounce backs happen.

It’s not looking externally for someone or thing to blame but the tenacity to look internally for answers.

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New levels of self-awareness will lead to hi levels of emotional strength and intelligence.

The better you are at evaluating yourself in different situations the more flexible and resilient you are to adapting.

Confidence is your ability to feel any emotion and have the language to identify it.


High levels of self-awareness will deliver an unrivalled charisma which incredible leaders exude. There is no forcing yourself do anything, instead it is a personal power which motivates you.

It’s the ability to rise above the crisis and see the bigger picture.

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